Can I just brag about the students in my dance classes?

Today was our last day on January Choreography and my dance classes KILLED IT!!!  The beginner class had some very challenging choreography (especially the fast pivots to the pose at the end) and they were awesome.  The intermediate class dance their choreography about 50% faster than we have been and they completely ROCKED it.  It made me so happy.

Now I’m off to choreograph February’s combinations.  Woo Hoo!!!

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  1. Man, I hope I won’t be too far behind from being gone these past couple of weeks.

    • You’ll be fine. The classes are starting brand new choreography and we were missing half the performance team today so we you’ve only missed one week of choreography.

      Also, were you serious about being willing to be the extra boy we need?

      • Oh good.

        If you need an extra “male”, I probably can. I should be able do alright.

        • I was really hoping you would say that 🙂 See you Saturday!

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